Transparent Iki :D

Transparent Iki :D

Hay guys, Society6 has a nice promotion going on right now - FREE Shipping and $5 Off Each Item. Offer expires April 13, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time.

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For my personal works:
Off-white posters:

A message from labradoritewolf
Hey Akreon, I was wondering how the computer of you and Tanathe is doing. Could it be repaired, or does the OW community have to start a fundraise? XD There aren't any files lost though, right? Is everything okay? Just checking, I hope you guys are fine, as well as your computer <3

Unfortunately it could not be repaired but Tanathe already ordered a new computer. It will take between a week or two before it arrives. In the meantime I’ll try to finish at least two pages on my own. The good news is it does not appear that we lost any “Off-white” files. :)

Tana says financially she will manage but of course it will be a bit of a strain.¬† We appreciate the¬†thought but the fundraise won’t be necessary. If anyone still wants to tip in you can always buy a poster or leave a small donation.

So yeah, everything is ok and thank you so much for asking :3

A message from Anonymous
Can i touch ur butt?

Yes, here you go

A message from zennano
YO just thought I'd ask if it's okay that I use one of your icons (haha woops I'm already using it, but if it's not okay I'll remove it). Also, been a fan of your comic for a very long time, I really appreciate the hard work you guys are doing! Don't know if you ever answered this question, but how do you divide the workload between the two of you?

It goes like this:

Akreon: sketches, linearts, backgrounds, details, 50% of shading, tea

Vesner: flat blocking, 50% of shading, speech bubbles, sound effects, coding the website, spaghetti

Sometimes when we have too much other work, or certain someone sets her computer on fire *coughvesneryouidiotcough* we also call upon Jessi to help us with the comic.

"After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week."



Panel from newest page —> OFF-WHITE.EU

A message from Anonymous
hello! i love your art and i was wondering if you use the default brushes in photoshop or have your own custom brushes. thanks in advance!

I use custom brushes. Here you can find most of the brushes I use —>

A message from Anonymous
Curious question, what DPI do you work with for Off-White comic pages?

300dpi - perfect for print but still not too heavy :)